For a while now I’ve been trying to put together photos of different types of body language my parrots exhibit to show people what an angry parrot looks like, a scared bird, a happy parrot, etc.

In trying to study and document Stewie’s body language, however, I invariably have to introduce additional stimulus that completely changes the nature of that which I am trying to document.

Without fail, as soon as I point the camera at Stewie he starts biting whatever he’s standing on. It’s a displaced aggression thing — he really does not like the camera. So instead of pictures of a sun conure showing flight intent or a bird happily preening and welcoming scritches, I end up with a lot of photos of the top of his head and him furiously gnawing on his perch.

Stewie Chewing on Bottlebrush

Since I can’t provide any useful photos of my birds’ body language, you might want to check out Barbara Heidenreich’s Parrot Body Language DVD, which shows you how to tune-in to what your bird might be telling you non-verbally.

*Yes, I know I’m misusing the Uncertainty Principle, but c’mon it’s a Parrot Blog! 😉