Recently I was at the doctor’s office and noticed an Audubon magazine with the most gorgeous pair of parrots on the cover. I didn’t recognize the species, but quickly learned it was the rare Spix macaw. But even more fascinating than the Spix macaw was the photography and I made a note to Google this Andrew Zuckerman, who struck me as a truly original artist.

Audubon November Issue: Spix Macaw

As someone who loves both parrots and photography, I’m chagrined to find out he already has quite the reputation for his bird photography, and I am late to the game in “discovering” him. In addition to several books, he also has some great videos that go “behind the scenes” of how he photographs his subjects:

The intro on his website also has a gorgeous video montage of the birds he shot (in the photographic sense).

He has a book dedicated to his bird photography. His images are copyrighted, so I can’t share them here, but check out

Then go buy it at Amazon. Bird by Andrew Zuckerman would be a great Christmas present for anyone who loves photography books or birds