It’s that most summer-y of summer traditions in the United States: a time for BBQs, neighborhood parades, running through sprinklers, and detonating low-level but extremely loud explosives in the sky above our homes … Wait, what?

That’s right. It’s time for 4th of July fireworks. And every year, anxious pets throughout the country are having panic attacks, and in some cases, escaping from home, because fireworks can be very scary for animals.

How do you ensure your pet parrot doesn’t get scared (or worse) during this year’s celebration?

Phoenix Landing has some advice for keeping your companion birds calm during 4th of July fireworks.

Six tips for calming anxious pets during fireworks:

  1. Keep your birds inside where it’s safe
  2. Give them a place to hide
  3. Be a calming presence
  4. Play music to distract from or dampen the sound of fireworks
  5. Try a supplement like Bach’s Rescue Remedy or Animal Essentials Tranquility Blend (as always, check with your avian vet!)
  6. Always reward their calm behavior during loud noises, storms, or fireworks

Have any other tips that keep your pet calm during fireworks or storms? Leave them in the comments.

Read the full blog post with additional explanations on the Phoenix Landing site.