Some people are under the impression that budgies (budgerigar parakeets) aren’t trainable because they are so small. Quite a few people, in fact, think budgies aren’t even real parrots.

Not only are they parrots, check out this guy’s very entertaining comedy act comprised of trick trained budgies. (He’s saying “Allez, allez!” which means “let’s go” in French)

Now that you know just how entertaining budgies can be, don’t you feel sorry for those pet shop parakeets crammed into a small cage who never get let out and never get handled? Budgies, just like the larger parrots, need lots of mental enrichment and activity to keep them happy and well adjusted.

If you’re interested in training your parakeet to perform tricks, check out Melinda Johnson’s fabulous book: Clicker Training for Birds.