Just a quick story: The other night, I got a call from the ACLU asking for a donation to support their investigation of waterboarding at Guantanamo. The whole time, of course, my orange ball of terror is “vocalizing” to express his unhappiness about me being on the phone. At the end of the call, the guy says “Ma’am, I just have to ask. What is that noise? Is that a bird?”. I say, yeah, that’s a parrot. And he says, “that sounds like torture!”.

You heard it first folks: The ACLU considers Stewie to be an instrument of torture! (I wonder if there’s anything in the Geneva Convention about sun conures.)

If you’re considering getting a sun conure and wonder how disruptive it could possible be (all those people warning you about the noise surely must be exaggerating, right?!), try playing this video every time you get on the phone. 😉