Ok, I’ll admit. The title is a bit misleading. Stewie is a brat bird, and he did strike, but the better title would be: Stupid Woman Gets Bitten.

I’ve written before that I don’t believe a bird ever bites for no reason. They may on occasion bite with no discernible warning, but there’s always a reason (even if the reason is that you got too close when they were in a bad mood).

Well, I can’t even say there wasn’t a warning. Stewie has been warning me for months: he. does. NOT. like. cell phones. So what did I do? I leaned in to give him a kiss while talking on the phone. I wasn’t really paying attention. I didn’t think he’d get that upset. He hesitated only a split second and then … CHOMP. He bit me. He bit me on my face!

If he’d been a cockatoo, that might have sent me to the ER. Since he was “only” a sun conure, he only drew blood and left a bruise on my upper lip. But if he’d bitten closer to the eye instead of my lips, I could still have been irreparably injured. I was careless. It was my fault. It really shook me … I never thought I’d ever get bitten in the face; after all, I’m more careful than that and my birds are good birds, for the most part. Just goes to show, it’s easy to be careless.

Just a friendly reminder. Don’t be careless. If you know your bird gets agitated around [insert random thing/situation], don’t be stupid and take a risk and offer yourself up to get bitten.

For the record, Stewie and I have a good relationship. He’s a momma’s bird through and through, and he’s forgiven me (and vice versa).