2008 has been a good year for the flock … and for the blog, with lots of fun posts and even a shout out or two from folks in the avian training industry. And December 2008 was our best month yet in terms of blog visits. Hooray!

We’re also thrilled to have made it as a finalist in the 2008 Weblog Awards. Voting in the Weblog Awards starts on Monday, and we hope you’ll vote for Best in Flock in the Pet Blog category to help us get the word out about the joys (and all the hard work) of parrot ownership.

The 2008 Weblog Awards

This gives us two great reasons to recap our best/most popular posts of the year, and to encourage new visitors to browse the archives:

  1. 5 Best Parrots for Children
  2. Guest Post by Sid Price: Don’t Fall for Deceptive Bird Training Tricks
  3. Clicker Training Myths and Misconceptions
  4. Where to Find Parrot Trick Training Props
  5. Interview with Parrot Trainer Barbara Heidenreich
  6. The Myth of Establishing Dominance Over Parrots
  7. Step-Up Doesn’t Need to Be the First Trick You Teach
  8. Ouch! WTH (a.k.a. Parrots Never Bite for “No Reason”)
  9. Teaching Flighted Recall: First Steps
  10. Life with a Flighted Parrot

Why You Should Vote for Us!
As you can see, Best in Flock pet blog is actually a blog about pets… not just a site featuring photos with silly captions. Whether our posts are general information about parrot care or they highlight anecdotes and pictures about two (adorable!) birds in particular — we strive to offer information about pets… not “lulz”. And that’s why we hope you’ll vote for us in the Best Pet Blog category.

Thanks for visiting and Happy New Year from Stewie and Mika