A month or two ago, my conure loved, loved, LOVED his Happy Hut. Wouldn’t let me near it. Here’s a picture of him in it (isn’t he cute!) Apparently conures really like their Happy Huts.


sun conure in a happy hut

But lately I’ve noticed that he doesn’t seem to be using the Happy Hut to sleep anymore. Stewie still crawls into it at night to signal that it’s nite-nite time, but when I’ve peeked under the covers later I see that he’s come back out.

And in the morning when I uncover him now, if he’s not already climbing around, he’s on his perch leaning against his Cozy Corner. The Cozy Corner is made of the same material as the Happy Hut, but it just hangs on the side of the cage for him to lean against (basically a blanket except it has a little hood-like thing).

Here he is with his fleece blankie after a bath:

Wet Stewie

I have yet to catch him on film as he’s sleeping with it, but trust me, it’s adorable.

Anyone else have a small parrot that has both of these? If yes, which does it prefer, the fleece tent or the fleece blanket tied to the side of the cage?