On the Bird Board discussion forum, someone kept mentioning how their sun conure loved this wooden duck, so when I saw it at PetCo, I immediately bought it. And indeed, Stewie loved it — so much so that he literally bit its head off in a matter of minutes. He was making his happy purring/chirping noises for a long time as he broke off piece by piece.

I bought him a similar toy shaped like a cat’s head from an online store, but it uses different wood that’s not as soft. So Stewie gnaws on it, but the cat doesn’t crumble into little pieces the way the duckie did. No little pieces = no adorable happy noises.

I’ve since been to every PetCo and PetSmart in the metro area (okay, I exagerate, but only a little) and several online stores and no one had the duckie!

Well, I finally found it. It’s called the Jungle Talk Duckie.

Stewie gives the wooden duck (with “lots of legs”) two enthusiastic birdie-toes up!