We spent an hour tonight playing and “training” and he’s really catching on quick.

He loves all the food that’s bad for him: sunflower seeds and peanuts. Junk food. And his little belly is so tiny that even just a little bit of junk food takes up valuable room in his belly – room that’s needed for more nutritious food. He picks through the pellets in order to get to the stuff he wants, but I’m not going to worry about it too much. Right now the focus is on getting him comfortable with me (and seeing me as the magic purveyor of the junk food).

After an hour of training, though, he just gave up and climbed into his Happy Hut (a little fuzzy tent for sleeping also known as a Snuggle Hut). I had been trying to get him to step up in order to reach a seed that was just out of reach. Always end on a positive note – that’s what all the training stuff on the web says. So, since I could tell he was starting to get frustrated (he tried getting to that seed every which way possible, every way except making contact with my finger), I was going to make it really easy and then call it quits. But then he just walked away, climbed into his Happy Hut and didn’t move. Apparently it was bedtime.

It was barely past sunset (and nowhere near my bedtime) so I wasn’t sure if I should be concerned. But I imagine all that attention must be pretty exhausting if you’re not used to it.