After some back and forth about whether the “stray period” was over, I was able to take home the sun conure I adopted at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Since I didn’t have a little travel carrier for him, they put him in a cardboard carrier that’s probably designed for hamsters or critters like that. The little guy immediately got to work creating a big enough hole through which to escape.

Once home, we had him hop out of the box into his brand new, very spacious cage. There were only a couple of toys in there with him, but I didn’t want him to get overwhelmed. We did make a run to Petco though to buy a furry blue Happy Hut — one of the women at the animal shelter mentioned he really liked the one he was using there.

Stewie's home and exploring his flight cage

The rest of the afternoon was devoted to talking to him and making him feel comfortable in his new home. And he seems to be doing great.