You know your parrot owns you when …

  1. You got rid of the gorgeous, expensive non-stick pans you got as housewarming gifts
  2. You stop watching TV after sundown because the bird needs to sleep
  3. Every pet store employee in the tri-state area knows you by name.
  4. You have special shirts you wear for the express purpose of getting bird poop on them
  5. You notice you have bird poop on your clothes after you leave the house… and you don’t care
  6. Your bird toy budget is your second biggest monthly expense… after the mortgage
  7. You make special trips to the expensive grocery store to buy organic vegetables… and they’re not for you
  8. You only want to travel to places within driving distance and you won’t go if the Airbnb won’t let you bring your birds
  9. You ask your neighbors to bring you their leftover newspapers, egg cartons, plastic take-out containers, and unused chopsticks “for making bird toys” … and they don’t bat an eye.

Do you have a 10th sign that you are, in fact, the crazy bird person on the block? Share what made you realize that your parrot owns you in the comments.