In our last post, we just had some fun posting pictures of us opening a box of Kris Porter’s “Fantastic Foraging Blocks.” But what do the birds actually think of their new wooden toys?

It turns out that they love ’em!

Mika likes the little wicker accents. She’s big into textures and accents. I appreciate that the blocks offer nice flexibility to customize and add details your bird might like, and I’ll experiment with stuffing the peek-a-boo holes with paper and cardboard for her to shred. As a pionus, she has a softer, more delicate beak, so she tends not to be much of a wood chewer, although she’s taken some bites out of the foraging block to try to get at an almond.

Stewie, on the other hand, really loves pine and other soft woods. There’s something about the design of the cuts that really appeals to him. Pine slats have always been a favorite of his, so the cuts offer the same sort of appealing shapes and textures that entice him to start trying to break them off.

Review of Kris Porter's Fantastic Foraging Blocks
Review of Kris Porter's Fantastic Foraging Blocks
Review of Kris Porter's Fantastic Foraging Blocks
And this is the one I left in Stewie’s cage after 24 hours: Foraging Block

Two big talons up for these wooden blocks. There’s a lot of visual and texture-based interest in the design that I think will keep both my birds’ attention for a long time (or until they are destroyed, whichever comes first).

Updated: Here is a before and after shot (one week later):

Fantastic Foraging Blocks - Before/After

Kris plans on making these available for purchase on her website sometime before the end of the year, These wonderful toys are now available for purchase on the website and they’re available to purchase at Phoenix Landing events as well.