Mika, my white capped pionus, has sexy time on her mind. It’s that time of year for parrots, that time when hormones rule and some birds get extra lovey-dovey and others get super cranky. Hopefully it’ll be over soon, as summer nears, but for the last month she’s been making her mating noise incessantly. It goes on longer than usual and is louder than ever. She often couples her “clucking” with something that looks a lot like toy-humping. (She’s not necessarily rubbing her vent on the toy, but she rocks back and forth while holding the toy in her foot behind her.)

I’ve never been able to catch this behavior/sound on video because she stops when I point my phone at her, but Mika’s clucking sounds just like this blue-headed pi does:

And this bronze-wing pionus:

How have you and your birds been faring the hormonal season?

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