It’s been a somewhat slow year for postings here on Best in Flock, but I thought I’d do a year-end wrap-up as we approach 170 different articles.

We didn’t work on a lot of new clicker training tricks in the last year, but Mika made a lot of progress with flying.

I also started making a lot more DIY foraging toys out of Dixie cups, which both birds enjoy.

Perhaps the coolest update this year was when we learned that Stewie’s “screaming sun conure” video helped two separate parrot owners retrieve their lost birds.

That video – our most popular video on YouTube – is up to nearly 75,000 views!

Here are some more highlights…

Top ten most viewed blog posts this year:

  1. 5 Best Parrots for Families with Children
  2. LOLbirdz
  3. Clicker Training for Birds: My Parrot Training Bible
  4. Parrot Props and Trick Training Toys
  5. Favorite Foraging Toys for Parrots
  6. Interview with Free Flight Trainer Chris Biro
  7. How to Get a Parrot to Go Back Inside His Cage
  8. Your Parrot Won’t Play with Toys?
  9. Frostie the Dancing Cockatoo
  10. Clicker Training Myths and Misconceptions

Top posts written this year:

  1. Favorite Foraging Toys for Parrots
  2. Phoenix Landing Foundation Rescues 26 Parrots
  3. Making Our Own Parrot Toys
  4. Annual Well-Birdie Visit to the Avian Vet
  5. Seminar on Parrot Enrichment with Kris Porter

Were there any particular posts you enjoyed this year? Please share in the comments. And let me know if there are specific types of posts you’d like to see more of.

Farewell 2010! Happy New Year!