In my last post, I talked about making wooden DIY parrot toys. But I only made one for Mika and got tired of drilling holes into the wood scraps. I rationalized that Stewie doesn’t really like wooden toys nearly as much (he has some untouched ones in his cage as we speak). But then I felt guilty πŸ™‚ So I made the foraging toy below… it took me all of 20 seconds. (Step 1: get a stack of unwaxed Dixie cups. Step 2: poke hole in Dixie cups. Step 3: thread piece of leather through the hole (tie a knot on the bottom). Step 4: Put treats inside each of the cups. Step 5: Hang the toy and get out of the way)

DIY Foraging Toys

He’s already turned it into confetti, but that’s okay… I have a huge box of those Dixie cups for just this contingency.

I buy them in bulk: