Put a Ball in a Cup

Putting the whiffle ball in the cup was the first trick Stewie learned (about a year and a half ago); just posting a better video of it.


Ring Toss Trick (Rings on a Peg)

This was a fairly natural extension of retrieve and the ball in a cup. Once he knew to bring an object, getting him to put the ring over the peg was just a matter of learning the coordination.

You can see him try to “cheat” by lifting the same ring that’s already on the peg, rather than getting the second ring. I need to stop rewarding that behavior so it fades out (although it does amuse people quite a bit).


Psitta Puzzle Shapes

One that we’re still working on (it’s a hard one!): the shapes puzzle. This requires discriminating between different shapes, as well as a lot of coordination. It’s still a tough trick for Stewie and I often have to help him before he gets frustrated.

This is a very short video because Stewie started getting bored at this point and ended up just wandering around the cage trying to hand me the prop rather than putting it into the puzzle hole.