When I started this blog, I added a bunch of links to my sidebar in order to share other great parrot resources. Since then I’ve added a few links here and there, but quite a few more parrot blogs have either sprung up in the mean time or come to my attention; and quite a few others seem to have fallen inactive or been pulled down.

So it’s time to update the Best in Flock blogroll – I’ll be going through my links and evaluating the bird blogs I already know about, but would love some input from the community on other parrot sites I should consider. I’ll also be dropping a bunch of links – so if you think I should keep something, make sure to let me know.

What I’m looking for in blogroll suggestions:

  • The blog is primarily/exclusively about (or “by”) parrots.
  • Blog should be at least several months old. This will help weed out that huge percentage of blogs that gets started and abandoned almost immediately.
  • Blog should be currently active and updated at least once or twice a month.

Here’s what I probably won’t link to:

  • Blogs that offer what I consider to be bad advice or poor examples of how to care for a companion animal.
  • Blogs that may mention parrots every once in a while but aren’t primarily about birds.
  • Thin affiliate blogs whose sole purpose is peddling crappy parrot training DVDs. These are a dime a dozen, offering nothing original, and very often written by the owners of said DVD program and/or people who don’t even appear to have parrots, but create blogs with recycled content and fake testimonials in hopes of making a quick buck off of affiliate commissions.

I do consider the blogroll to be my recommendations (aka, a de facto quasi-endorsement to a small degree), so I think it’s important to have these criteria — I’m not trying to be snobby or judgmental, just making sure I only link to the best stuff. (The blog doesn’t need to be “professional looking” or self-hosted – it’s the content I care about.)

So, what’s your favorite parrot blog? Who do you read?

Here are some of my (new and old) favorites to inspire your creative juices:

Ok, your turn… what parrot blogs do you recommend?

p.s. If you like Best in Flock, please feel free to link to it from your site as well.