Mika made me proud this weekend. Not only did she take a couple of flights that didn’t involve crash landing behind the couch or into the recycling bin, she also ate her first pieces of fresh food since she’s been with me.

Ordinarily, when I offer her something that isn’t dry and hard (pellets, nuts, pieces of pine) she’ll touch it lightly and then quickly recoil in disgust… like she thinks I’m trying to poison her or something. Over the weekend, I handed her a fresh sugar snap pea (one of Stewie’s favorites), hoping she’d play with it a little. Lo and behold, she held onto it and started tearing at it. And then she decided the icky wet food wasn’t so terrible and started eating.


After finishing her first piece, I gave her a second piece and she ate that too!

Later that evening, I heated up some mixed veggies for Stewie and decided to give Mika a bowl too (I usually don’t fix them for her because she won’t touch anything that’s not dry, but since she was being adventurous this weekend that I’ll give it another try). The bowl had some pieces of fresh apple, plus a heated up mix of frozen veggies (including corn, peas, carrots and green beans). Stewie likes the mix and dove right in as expected.

Mika was more cautious, but after leaving the bowl on top of her cage for a while, she started eating too. As far as I could tell, she at least tried all of it, but seemed to like the apples best. (Keep in mind I’ve offered her apple bits dozens of times before…. The lesson? You just have to keep trying.  Persistence pays off eventually.)

Between the eating of the fresh food and her attempts at flying, this has been a groundbreaking weekend for my Mika girl.