Just a quick update: all the blood work came back from the lab and our avian vet says both Stewie and Mika’s tests came back fine. Everything looks good. Not that I was expecting any bad news, but it’s nice to have confirmation that everyone is healthy.

Pionus are susceptible to gout. This is actually why a very pellet-heavy diet is not ideal for the species — too much protein. In a Pionus diet, especially, you want to moderate protein and fat intake and go heavier on the veggies and fruits, so I need to work a little harder at getting Mika to accept fresh food. I suppose it might also make sense to add a bit more seeds back into her diet, although that doesn’t seem super healthy either. (She’s thinking: D’uh, I’ve been telling you all along that you need to feed me more seeds Lady!)

In related news, having the vet clip Stewie’s wings was definitely the appropriate decision. Not only am I so much more relaxed (and let’s not underestimate the importance of that), but both birds now get to go in and out of their cages as they please when I’m home – I can even turn my back or leave the room briefly without worrying that anyone (read: Stewie) will start trouble. (More about that in my previous post)

Twice the out of cage time also means that they are less reluctant to go back inside when it’s time for me to leave or for them to go to bed. I no longer fight with Stewie to get him back in his cage or have to chase Mika around her playtop; I can just let both of them go inside whenever they’re ready and close the door behind them.

Mika figuring out how to escape from her cage
through an unused food door.