When it rains it pours! I’ve been thinking about getting a second parrot and all of a sudden I seem to have three choices available: the Hahn’s (mini) macaw from the animal shelter, a Pionus being rehomed through Craig’s List and today I got an email from Phoenix Landing telling me that there’s an Indian Ringneck Parakeet (IRN) that might be a good match for me. The Indian Ringneck looks like a female lutino, and she’s just a little bit bigger than Stewie (average IRN length is 15″, half of that being in the tail; average weight is 115g – according to AvianWeb.com)

I’m also told that she wouldn’t need to be quarantined, which is a big bonus.

Here’s one of the most adorable Ringneck videos I’ve ever seen (if not one of the most adorable parrot videos ever):

And in this other video you see a Ringneck playing the patient older brother to his love bird siblings. Watch how one of the lovebirds follows the IRN around trying (and succeeding at one point) to catch a ride on the bigger bird’s tail!