Updated November 2009: Link has been fixed. The new download is of the Fall 2008 issue.

Parrot trainer Barbara Heidenreich is generously offering a free issue of Good Bird Magazine to readers of the Best in Flock blog. Just click here, enter your information and you’ll receive the free copy via a link in an email.

For this free issue of the GoodBird parrot magazine, click here.

The issue is chock full of great reading, including:

  • The ABC’s of Behavior By Susan G. Friedman, PhD
  • Enrichment (Part Two) Foraging Opportunity:
    An Integral Component of Environmental Enrichment By Jim McKendry
  • Training your Parrot to Talk on Cue By Barbara Heidenreich
  • What Is Your Bird Saying? Learn to Read Bird Body Language
  • Flighted Parrots in the Home By Barbara Heidenreich
  • The Avian Brain and Intelligence (Part Two) By Diane Starnes
  • Pickin’ Parrots: Scientific Studies and Feather Picking By Natasha Laity Snyder
  • And more!

This free issue contains 90 pages of great parrot training and behavior info, including articles on:

  • When your Parrot Loves you Too Much
  • Wrap-N-Roll Enrichment
  • Simpler Steps to Step up
  • My Summer Internship at a Parrot Sanctuary
  • Teaching your Parrot to Drop an Item on Cue
  • Constructs: Putting Labels on Bird Behavior
  • Enrichment Solutions to Behavior Problems
  • Making the Connection: From Parrots to Children

Read the free issue of GoodBird magazine by clicking here. Then, if you like it, subscribe to the magazine to the new issues when they roll off the presses.

p.s. Also check out my interview with Barbara Heidenreich.