My video of Stewie on YouTube is almost at 1,000 views. Go help me over the hump 🙂

This was taken back in November, when he hadn’t learned much beyond targeting, retrieve and “put the ball in the cup”. Retrieve is the only thing he did correctly, and he gave it to the wrong person most of the time. (It wasn’t fair, since we confused him with the cues and there were so many distractions.)

Stewie now targets like a pro, puts a ball in a cup, brings me things, puts rings on a peg, flies to me on command (sort of, sometimes) , can put coins in a piggy bank, and a few things I’m forgetting.

Hard to believe this is the same misanthropic biter that first came to me from the shelter.

I’m starting to think seriously about getting another bird – something similar in size to Stewie, but preferably not as loud. LOL. I think a green cheek would be perfect, but because I also feel strongly about getting another rescue bird, my choices will be limited by what’s out there.

Anyone have suggestions on what other types of birds I should be looking for? Maybe a Quaker?