Got Stewie to step on the scale today, finally, after many months of getting him used to the idea (yeah, I wasn’t in a hurry). He weighs 104 grams. Down from 106g last time I took him to the vet for a nail trim, and up from 103g when I took him to his first well-birdie visit after I picked him up from the animal shelter. That type of variation isn’t that unusual, especially since I’m not measuring his weight at the same time right in the morning – a few grams here or there can be attributed to what food he has stored in his crop and/or the last time he “emptied out.”

He’s on the small side for his species, so I’m not worried that he’s a little under average weight for a sun conure.

Here he is on his bird scale (the perch is covered in vet wrap):



Here’s another type of scale that is a bit more stable, which your bird might like better.


p.s. Having trouble getting your bird weighed? Download Barbara Heidenreich’s video on how to train a parrot to step on a scale.