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Toys I (or Stewie) recommend for your conure (or other medium-sized bird) are:

  1. Wooden Ladder
  2. Mazey Munch (Treat Labyrinth)
  3. Rope Swing
  4. Snuggle Hut (a.k.a. Happy Hut)
  5. Bird-Safe Bell on a Chain
  6. Shredder Toy (such as a birdie pinata)

Stewie has been learning to play with toys a lot more, although he seems most interested in perches and food… toys that incorporate foraging for food are probably his favorite “toys” and the only ones I see him interacting with regularly. But who knows, maybe one day he’ll be ready for those birdie rollerskates! Ha!

This list comprises my top five favorite parrot toys. What are yours? Any that should be on the list that I missed?