Now I’m wondering if I should be concerned about how early Stewie likes to go to bed. Last night I went to dinner after work and come home a little after 8:00pm. Surely he’s going to be mad as hell that I’m late, I thought as I went in. Nary a peep from the direction of the cage. Nope, because he was already settled into his Happy Hut, ready for lights out.

After debating whether I should coax him out of bed, I decided that we needed to get more training/play time in. (And it wouldn’t be so bad if he was still too sleepy in the morning to welcome the day at an ungodly early hour.)

We played for under an hour and then he crawled back into bed. It was a funny sight, since I had moved the Happy Hut a little farther away from the side of the cage — when he slept, he didn’t crawl all the way in and his tail feathers were sticking through the cage. So when he went to go back into it, he apparently didn’t notice it was a little farther than before and he nearly missed the edge. Fortunately he managed to hang on and then crawl in.

But bright and early this morning, he was ready to go again. And boy does he like his morning noise-making sessions.